Rathbone Interior Painting

Our Story

Sandi Rathbone has been transforming homes in the Seattle area since 2006. As the owner of Rathbone Interior Painting, Sandi brings her passion for painting into the homes of everyone she works with. She attended the Art Institute of Seattle in the '80s and worked as a makeup artist prior to starting her painting business. Sandi says, "When you have someone working in your home, it’s nice to develop trust and friendship with them. I have worked with many of my clients for over a decade and literally watched their children grow up. It’s one of the best parts of my job!"


Here's what our satisfied customers have to say:

Sandi Rathbone is an excellent painter and a delight to work with. She painted the entire interior of our house, including multiple built-ins, a pocket door, and many special cabinet doors. Everything looks beautiful and absolutely perfect. Sandi is extremely tidy, has very high attention to detail, and is an excellent communicator.

Sandi is the Paint Fairy. You don't have to move furniture or belongings before she comes. She paints about one room a day, and when she leaves you literally cannot tell that anyone has been in the house. Over three days and three rooms + a hallway, I never saw a drop cloth, piece of tape, or any mess whatsoever. The painting was beautifully done to boot. Highly recommend!